This special blend of talc and graphite improves seed loading and seed release – and that improves seed spacing. eFlow improves the flow of seed from the hopper to the meter. In the meter, eFlow ensures that seeds release consistently once the vac is shut off and seeds drop to the seed tube. The addition of graphite, especially in smaller seeds, helps seeds slide off the disk like clockwork. Just mix ¼ cup of eFlow per 80,000 seeds. On large seeds, 60# or more per 80,000 seeds, reduce the rate to 1/8 cup. eFlow is available in a convenient 8# jug. That’s enough to lubricate 130 units of seed corn. We’ve also developed a clean and convenient measuring lid that fits the eFlow jug. The lid meters 1/8 cup of eFlow with each turn of a handle – two turns equals ¼ cup delivered directly into the hopper. Treated seeds with a rough coating may need more eFlow. Don’t exceed the recommended amounts. Too much talc can inhibit seed flow – especially in high humidity. Watch for talc or eFlow accumulations at the bottom of the seed hopper or meter.