SteerCommand Automated Steering System

Ag Leader can revolutionize the way you farm with our autosteer technologies. If you want sub-inch accuracy, leading steering performance and simple setup, you'll get that and much more with the new SteerCommand automated steering controller paired with GPS 6500.

For growers seeking an integrated steering experience, SteerCommand offers best-in-class intergrated steering performance when paired with GPS 6500 for repeatable, precision steering via RTK correction.
• Access to CORS and RTK networks for repeatable sub-inch accuracy with GPS 6500 combined with Relay.
• GPS 6500 with SteerCommand supports GLIDE, WAAS/EGNOS, Terra-Star and RTK.
• Nine-Axis Terrain Compensation accommodates for rolling ground and driving through waterways, ditches and over terraces.
• Internal compass helps maintain steady heading.
• Maximum compatibility with custom installation kits for over 600 different vehicles.