Seed Command

seedcommand-hero.pngHybrid/Variety Mapping

SeedCommand records planting operations in real-time, mapping the location of each hybrid/variety planted. It then allows you to compare observed planting maps with yield maps to make accurate, reliable decisions to improve seed selection and increase future profitability.

Variable Rate Planting & Rate Control

Control seed costs and improve yield potential across the entire field with variable rate planting. Variable rate allows the operator to utilize prescription maps for seeding and application rates, matching their seed and fertilizer inputs to attributes such as soil type. It also allows for rate application by product for more efficient use of inputs.

Virtual Seed Trench

A virtual seed trench view shows the placement of each seed in a row, helping you determine if a problem exists in the seed meter or the row unit.

Advanced Seed Monitoring

SeedCommand offers complete planter monitoring functions, eliminating the need for an additional planter monitor. View data and graphs on population, singulation, skips/doubles and spacing in real-time on a row-by-row basis.

Sectional Control

  • AutoSwath
    Automatically turn off meters through planter clutches or seed metering based on field maps, already planted areas and user-defined Headlands.
  • SureStop & SureVac Automatic Shutoff
    Turn row units on/off for both chain-driven and vacuum planters. SureStop electric clutches are designed for chain-drive seed meters. SureVac electric row shutoffs are compatible with John Deere vacuum planters.

Air Seeder Cart Support

Control up to three granular products, including one seed and two fertilizer products. Paired with a liquid control module, the system supports simultaneous application of NH3 and nitrogen stabilizer.

Hydraulic Down Force System

Controlling a planter's down force is a proven way to improve consistent emergence across the field and increase yield. Ag Leader's Hydraulic Down Force system dramatically improves on air bag down force systems, providing instant response to changing soil and field conditions that can't be accomplished with just air bag systems.